Introduction to my Bl-og

It’s pretty hard to choose the first article to write on my own blog. This year is full of too many things going in and out of my head. Many events have occur and too many ups and downs. Most importantly many lessons and hopefully plenty of improvements.

I won’t lie to you, I won’t start with writing about fashion although it’s a priority. I won’t write about beauty, food, decor or shopping either. Instead, I’ll write about lifestyle. Cause all of these are part of my lifestyle. Fashion and taste are an essential. Makeup is becoming one as well. Cooking is also my passion and Art is not just a hobby but actually it is part of my lifestyle by all means.

I intended to create this blog to share all my crazy interests and wild ideas with you. To share my experiences and my lessons. My work and inspirations. Here I will aspire to inspire, I will mix and match and I will try to give you a glimpse of the crazy different things happening inside my mind.

Two keywords; versatile and unique. These are the only 2 words that fully describe me. Regardless of all the other characteristics those 2 ones sum them up.


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