Sorry Plato but I think you’re mistaken

I wrote this argument as part of his college assignment. I really love philosophy and I would’ve loved to follow Plato’s philosophy about justice. Indeed, I did feel amazed by his deep philosophical demonstration but then when I gave it a thought, I realized that it’s quite illogical and here’s what I wrote

It’s hard to argue on Plato’s philosophies due to its intricacy and deeply vague comprehension. Some people think that a military leader is an ideal ruler according to the great examples that have appeared. But according to Plato’s philosophy, only a wise man can choose the right military leader to lead the army. Logically, a wise man will be able to control everything wisely and justly. On the other hand, Plato said that a spirited soul was only meant to be a warrior. Well, warriors aren’t only fight machines and any warrior has a leader who is a warrior as well. In order to be a leader one should be wise and rational and in order to be an army leader one should be wise and vigorous. Consequently, there’s a disagreement with Plato’s philosophy because, logically and philosophically a leader can be wise and courageous. Not only this, an ideal leader should be wise and courageous. This way we find that Plato’s definition of justice is false and inaccurate and can oppress many of those who can be great leaders because a leader can’t only be wise and rational but should be brave as well or else he won’t even be a leader.

This is what I think and truly believe. I don’t know what others would think but I’m happy to know Plato’s philosophy because it proved to me that a military leader is an ideal ruler.


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