Stay Tuned

My apology to whoever is reading this Because I didn’t post anything so far. And to those who are not reading this, I apologize for missing what I’m going to post soon. For all of you fashionistas out there, for women who believe in fashion, style, femininity, confidence, health and happiness… with investment. This blog is the right place for you.  In my coming posts, I will feature many newly styled outfits with the least number of items. My tips and ideas are not overwhelming but the resulted looks are certainly amusingly fashionable.

I follow the trend, combining it with my own style to result in completely exclusive looks that are entirely trendy yet entirely suit my character and again, with the least amount of money paid. Don’t be surprised by the unexpected combination of items I blend and the versatility of each piece that I enhance through my looks. This is how I rule… and style.

Same will follow my health, fitness, beauty and DIY tips. Trying to bring out the best effects of the cheapest and healthiest ingredients.

Apart from investment, I will keep you updated with the latest trends right from the runways and other icons’ closets.

The following posts cannot be missed, so stay tuned…


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