Faux fur


Alright, so I don’t want anyone to miss what I had in mind for chic chilly winter days and the beginning of the year dares. That’s why I’ll take a break from the “winter Looks” sequence to update you with my faux fur and the beginning of the year dares sequences.


Faux Fur

Fur has swept over the winter season but fortunately it was faux fur that dominated the trend. I’m so grateful for this fact because if it is not real fur. Trust me, if so, I would’ve never uploaded anything related to this trend. Why So? And why faux? Well the answer is simple. There is absolutely no reason or excuse on earth that justifies killing and torturing animals for the sake of fashion. Torturing animals alive by inhumanly detaching their furs from their bodies for using it on our bodies. Fashion did not say so. If we’re talking about real fashion here, we can’t just create such contradiction between deluxe classy fashion and nature and humanity.

In case anyone finds it irresistible to spend the winter season without fur, well there is an alternative. Faux fur is now presented with very fine quality and a wide variety of options to satisfy everyone’s fashion need of fur. And this way we would be carrying the same luxe feeling but with no guilt or bloodshed at all.

My very favorite option for faux fur is Unreal Fur. I completely support and respect their message and concept and I am so in love with their variety of faux fur collections.

Here I present you some favorite faux fur options with my well-chosen matching items for completely stylish casual, party and work looks.

 faux fur 1

faux 2


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