Beautiful Nostalgia

Beautiful Nostalgia


History has been repeating itself, as well as fashion. You’ll notice that all the big fashion trends of the 70s were restored and brought back to the present. Now fashion took another step backwards to the 60s where designers designed attires that brought the beauty of the 60s back to life. The designs were not just innovative and actually beautiful and elegant but they triggered our longing to the stunning age of the 60s, where life was way simpler and classy. Great icons like Oscar de la Renta, Bottega Venetta, Dolce and Gabbana, Vivienne Westwood and many more, couldn’t deprive us no more from the beauty of the past and they brought it back with its prints, layers and curves. The designs vividly enhance women’s curves, leaving her with luxe yet sexy femininity.

Reason why wearing this trend requires guts is the fact that it is not inspired by the 60s but it is a completely 60s trend which contradicts with the contemporary era. The heavy layered dresses and bold florals became completely fashionable and sexy yet unusual in the modern era that is why adopting the chic 60s trend is consider a stylish dare.

60s beautiful nostalgia60s beautiful nostalgia 2 60s beautiful nostalgia 3


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