Not a Big Fan of Tartan? well think again

The winter season is about to end, leaving us with all its chicness and elegance. However, I still have a bunch of looks that will make the termination of your winter season one hell of an end. I couldn’t possibly let this season end without sharing with you a look that features one of winter 2014’s biggest trend;Ā  Tartan.

I’ve been loving the tartan this season so much, although I wasn’t such a big fan before, but with the creative and fashionable designs coming out in the runway, their was no other way but to change my mind.


Here is one of my favorite casually and comfortably stylish looks.


look 18 tartan


4 thoughts on “Not a Big Fan of Tartan? well think again

  1. I love all the elements of your outfit. It’s perfect for a not-too-punk-rock look (the sweater was a clever choice here to cut the all kind of punk-rock look with the leather and cut-out boots) .

    Thanks for sharing!


    • That’s exactly how I pictured this look. You perfectly described it, and that’s what I like about it the most, besides the fact that its really comfortable.
      Thanks for your observation and stay tuned for the tones of other articles and fashionable looks coming up soon.
      Would like to know your opinion about the coming looks.


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