Beauty in White- look 20

beauty in w

Since we are on the verge of finishing “The fall/winter looks sequence” I couldn’t resist not sharing with you one of my very favorite trends of the season; white on white.

This trend is so fresh, perfectly contradicting with the usual color trend of the winter season; black. White on white perfectly brightens those murky winter days, providing us with merely enough dozes of happiness, luxury and sense of style.

Here’s my favorite treat for ending this winter season, freshly and stylishly.

Despite how much I love this trend, this isn’t the only reason behind my love for this look. Each piece is sophisticatedly  pretty and mixing them all together doesn’t create any sort of contrast, instead, it creates some sort of intricate beauty and attraction. Each piece says it all, from the cropped knit, neatly detailed lace pencil skirt, retro shoes, sleek leather bag and beaded necklace.

All in all, this is a trend that is truly worth trying- specially with my selected items that are guaranteed to stylishly brighten the last winter days.


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