Burgundy Rush

burgundy rush 1.,

burgundy rush 2



I’m the one of very few people who never had a favorite color. No matter how hard I tried, I was never the kind of a pink obsessed or green lover. Perhaps, it was because of my versatility; since I’m always interested in too many different things, so you’d find me loving the colors of  nature and mysterious dark colors in contrast. However favoring neither. Until eventually I discovered the one and only color that my heart literally bounced by its seen. And this color was burgundy.

Number one reason why I fell in love with this color and favored so quickly is seeing it in clothes. And what’s more important for me is the fact that I favored a real fashionable color. A color that constantly hit almost all the runways in the winter seasons. A color that can be pieced differently and worn in many different occasions. A color that you can call elegant yet sexy. A COLOR THAT WILL ALWAYS REMAIN FASHIONABLE.

I know that this post may have sounded personal at first, but I would’ve never dedicated a post for any color, no matter how special it was for me. And this post is way too fashionable to neglect or ignore. Seeing it worn on the runways and used by many great fashion designers made its posting such an unconditional decision.

Here, I tried to choose few of the many maroon and burgundy pieces in the market. I tried to choose the most practical, elegant, fashionable and extraordinary.

-Would love to know your favorite color and how you can creatively relate it to the fashion world.


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