Prom look of the year


Although the fashion weeks are over for now, there is still one fashion event that is ongoing, and that would be the prom season.  Regardless of how fun and convivial it sounds to everyone,  it is this one hell of fashion event of the year.
I know that proms always put the senior girls in fashion dilemma; confused between what to wear and what not to wear, whether its impressing enough, fashionable enough,  a little too much,  a little too less? All these questions occur to every girl,  and with this look I chose, say goodbye to all these questions.

Although this look may appear so different from the other floor length and minis, I see it as the most suitable.  And why? Because simply prom resembles the transition from the world of clumsiness to the world of maturity.  So why not just show our fun and girly side one more time?

This look is fun, stylish and very sexy. with the dazzling accessories I selected, you’re ready to be the queen- if not, then the definitely bombshell of the year.


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