“Look 2” 10 new ways to wear your biker jacket this spring


Alright so this look was completely off my list, until I laid my eyes on this sexy snakeskin body con dress while checking h&m’s dresses and suddenly I was like why not? This will definitely look perfect with a moto jacket, so I improvised. Then again, I was put in my usual state of dilemma of choosing the apt shoes. Unsurprisingly, my creativity surprised me; going off all the shoe options that I had in mind and falling for these flat leather sandals by zara.  When I thought about it for a while, I realized that this was indeed an ultimate option.  Although I still believe that this look would look really good with other shoe styles, I prefer it with these comfy sandals. And no, this doesn’t fall under Michael Kors’ statement when he said that saying that something is comfortable is like saying it’s washable. I see that these sandals balance the whole look. Since, this look is intended to be super casual- because I believe that the best times to look stylish are those fluky moments; the most casual and on the run. In such a case, I prefer to avoid any heeled shoes. Besides, this outfit would’ve never looked as casual and stylish if pieced with different shoes; these sandals create such a classy impression but in a simple manner. And don’t forget the effect of its pop of color. As for the purse, needn’t I talk too much! I simply don’t consider it a purse but a masterpiece by the legendary artists; Dolce and Gabbana. Again, the choice of piecing this purse with the outfit was unpredictable, but guess this is what fashion is all about…  Eventually, this look just needed one final embellishment to complete the whole look and I found no better option than this Balmain bracelet.


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