Your ultimate beachwear guide from your favorite stores

With the arrival of summer, aka the beach season, sun and hot weather, I find it incredibly exciting to start the beach shopping and posts preparation.  Gratefully, most of the best selling stores didn’t disappoint me with their beachwear collections and I found it quite challenging to select my favorite swimsuits and diagram my very first beach looks for this season.
Eventually, I didn’t find a better way to start the summer edition than updating you with my beachwear shopping guide. In this article, you’ll find each look from a different store, so you would be able to form an entire look from one store.



As much as summer is the season of whites, black has always been an essential color once it comes to swimsuits, specially when matched  with the right items… This look is half oriental, half chic, providing you with complete sexiness and chicness.



Who said that you can’t look regal on the beach with the minimal amount of money? Now you can carry your ritzy style with you to the beach with these elegant items, all from h&m. Wear them and you’ll find the august sexiness radiating from you skin.



If you’re looking for something less elegant but similarly stylish, this look is just for you! Don’t you just love how the blue colors, patterns and crochet are so summer-ish and beachy?



One of my favorite beach attires is denim on denim. A lightweight blue denim shirt, with folded sleeves and tied front over cut off denim shorts is a typical beach classic. However, I didn’t want to complete the look with denim and blues or else it would’ve become lifeless. Instead, I pieced them with a contrasting bikini to keep the whole look upbeat.



This time I wanted to go for a more flowing look. A look that would be super comfortable yet a la mode. As always, my approach is always a blend of comfort and style and this look perfectly pursues my style. .

Stay tuned for the coming summer posts. Ready for summer and beach shopping and health and beauty tips for a flawless bikini body?


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