What to wear on The World Cup

A couple of weeks ago, the time when I took my life seriously and followed my tight schedule accurately was also the time when the world cup was on the verge of starting. By then, I had great ideas crossing my mind and several ongoing projects to accomplish, but I just found it impossible to neglect The World Cup and not to dedicate a fashion post for it. The first day I took a firm decision to work on this post was the first day of The World Cup and even though I thought it was too late to start working on my post, I manged to finish it in a matter of 48 hours or less. However, (and I’m not sure whether I should blame it on my Geminial mood swings, my tight schedule or the fact that I consider this blog a spot where I express and share my lifestyle and fashion ideas and that I’m not depending on it as my main job) after all the rush, I became so lazy to open my blog again and press “POST”. Days passed, weeks followed and most of the teams I included in my post got eliminated and still my hands didn’t get the guts to press “POST”. Eventually, I decided to cut the apathy and do the job myself. I mean, it just feels ridiculous to work so hard and pressure yourself under a very tight schedule and then once its already time, you pretend as if nothing has happened. And truth be told, I really love these looks and I just can’t imagine keeping them away from your sight.

Note: Since some countries got eliminated, play it smart by changing the Ts according to your team but pay attention to the style and mood of each team.

world cup brazil

I had to start with the host and one of the best soccer teams of all times; BRAZIL. Since I don’t like doing incomplete jobs, I take my time to thoroughly think about my fashion posts and visualize all the elements that add to my looks. In this post, each country occupies 50% of my outline while the other 50% lies in fashion and my styling. Consequently, keeping an eye on each element in order to combine both together and form the perfect looks is what took time the most.

Concerning Brazil, the audience and the people of Brazil were what mainly inspired me. So I found a stalky bodycon pieced with a ripped denim jacket and gladiator sandals the kind of combination that blends convenience and sexiness together… Guess that’s what every Brazilian lady would want while watching the game.


world cup italy

One other very important feature that I bore in mind while preparing this post was convenience. If you take a look at my previous posts, you’ll find that convenience is one feature that I frequently took in consideration. I mean, in these hectic and busy days, nothing feels better than being comfortably in vogue. As for The World Cup, its one occasion that loudly calls for convenience and there’s actually nothing easier than slipping into your team’s jersey and a pair of cutoffs, but for me, I find it obligatory to combine convenience with heavy dozes of style. As a matter of fact, I find the challenges this post offered me quite pleasurable.

As for this look, the wedges and wide shorts successfully put it under the convenience’s list, not only this, but also it ranks it under the fashionable’s list.


world cup england

More convenience and style? This ensemble is another look the offers both qualities and will keep you waving the English flag with complete pride. Or..Well… I mean would’ve. Oh  PS, I switched the regular jersey with this Historical Emblem Crewneck Fleece to break the standardized jersey style and boost the sense of honor and pride.


world cup argentina

A jersey is the main thing you’ll automatically pack when heading to The World Cup and of course a couple of denim and shorts and you’re ready to go. With this ensemble, you won’t change much about your packing list except for choosing a boyfriend jeans over the old pair of skinny jeans and a block heels over any other.


world cup netherlands

Being passionate about fashion doesn’t mean filling your closet with stilettos and skipping the sports alley when going shopping. In this ensemble, I find the bright colors heartening enough to encourage you to cheer up your favorite team with complete brag and enthusiasm. As for the shorts, they’re irresistibly stylish, specially when combined with these modish sneakers by Stella McCartney for Adidas. Finally, the Michael Kors tote is big enough to host all your accessories and belongings and sleek enough to add a twist of contrast to the whole ensemble.


world cup france

France, the country of the most elegant people and one of the strongest soccer teams. Ah, well, combination is settled already. Thus, to follow both aspects, I wanted to assemble both styles together; chic and athletic. To simply end up with sportchic. So, for every French lady who’s heading or “was” heading to Brazil to attend The World Cup, don’t worry about leaving your midi skirts behind because you’ll actually pack them this year. However, there’s no need for the pointed toe. Instead, switch the high heels with your favorite sneakers for complete convenience and comfort. On the other hand, let your bucket bag accompany you to make your round stylishly easier.


world cup mexico

High-waisted cutoffs and cropped top are a World Cup’s must wear. However, piecing this ensemble with the wrong shoes will ruin the whole picture. Thankfully, with these Jeweled Camouflage Leather Wedge Sneakers by Giuseppe Zanotti, you can never go wrong.


world cup spain

Let’s start with the skirt and sandals. They look identical don’t they? At the first sight, I immediately thought they were by the same designer but a couple seconds later I was able to spot the distinct differences. Anyways, what confused me the most while contriving this one is whether I should couple these sandals with the skirt or not. Then, I found myself quite determined to piece the whole ensemble with this kind of sandals and there was simply no better alternative than these Givenchy floral leather sandals. The whole look is just a favorite and will make the movement quite easy at the stadium.


world cup germany

A white T-shirt would be such a great piece for a monochrome ensemble wouldn’t it? Who can argue over black and white anyways? Choosing a white T-shirt for The World Cup just sounded so right with black leather or athletic shorts. And I have to be honest, I still can’t get over the fact that I’m a former squash champion and sometimes I find the challenge of styling without hampering the former athlete inside of me quite enjoyable. That’s why styling ensembles for The World Cup was such a special job and I find that this look satisfies all parties.


world cup russia

High-waisted jeans paired with ankle sneakers sounds just right for watching the game! Again, this look is quite comfortable, simple and swanky. Just slip into your favorite high-waisted jeans, tuck your T in, sneakers on and you’re ready to go!


world cup greece

Want a piece of Greece in Brazil? This looks serves you the deed! The pants and the bustier are a masterpiece of art. However, I would’ve never suggested wearing them together without this layer of fabric that calls for Greece… This light piece of fabric just balances things out…. Want to involve some DIY to it? Instead of tucking the top in, simply cut it to the length you prefer and don’t tailor it afterwards. You can also cut out the sides to show a better part of the bustier. To complete the look, opt for metallic block-heeled sandals!


world cup portugal

Again, with the variety of pants available in the market, I found it easy to style snazzy looks for The World Cup. Flare pants also top my list and I just love them with jerseys. However, the selection of heels took me hours to decide on the right ones. As for the rings, they’re simple accessories that don’t look overstated yet leave an apparent impression.


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