9 Work and city-friendly looks all from Topshop

Regardless of the several posts I’m preparing for summer and beach escapes, I couldn’t ignore those fashionistas who are tied by work and other commitments in the city this summer. I mean, yes we all long for the beach days every year but the pleasure and fun of styling your summer wardrobe is still undeniably delightful. That’s why and after stumbling upon Topshop’s City Tribe trend I decided to dedicate an entire post regarding the city tribes who happen to be bounded by certain commitments, special work ones.

The second thing that concerned me before making this post is how to style work-friendly ensembles that are less formal than the perpetual formal ones. Since our world is becoming creative than ever, work attires also need a fresh update. However, these looks aren’t meant to replace the formal office looks (I might dedicate a post for this later) instead, they are dedicated to the less formal job occupations. Moreover, they are meant to facilitate the city life, by being worn during the postwork casual  errands. Lastly and to make a final point clear, this post is not only dedicated to working fashionistas but also to all city tribes who want to remain in vogue in the city. Oh and to make things even better, each and every piece in these ensembles are from Topshop because I simply couldn’t resist their summer collections and because Topshop was one of the main inspirations behind this post.


topshop work look 7This is a look that’s perfect for the work environment and functions as an instant fashionista tag. Additionally, it is heavily loaded with an essence of the summer upbeat spirit. The orange knee-length skirt is a work must-have, same for the printed shirt. As for the mules, tote and shades, they’re all perfect for the office, street and summer. Ultimately, all items make an exemplary ensemble that is basically offbeat yet work-friendly.


topshop work look 3

After all the pressures we submit to, sometimes we unconditionally feel overly weary and a little too lazy to go anything fancy. However, with this ensemble right here, you’ll be able to effortlessly treat your inner fashion junkie. A simple black jumpsuit accessorized with comfortable black leather sandals, chain collar necklace, elaborate laser cut holdalls and mirrored round sunglasses will instantly turn your look from dull and boring to fly and sumptuous. Looking for an item of perfection? You’ve got no better option than a checked throw on. This one piece will do wonders to your overall look and is perfect for such laid-back days. This monochrome look is simply and effortlessly perfect for all day occasions.


topshop work look 2

This look is all you need if you’re looking for a completely effervescent summer city-friendly ensemble. Also functions as an office mood-lifter, wherein you can wear it to turn your work days into lively and sanguine days.

topshop work look 9

This look is perfect if you want to remain simple, specially if you’re willing to stick to your feminine zone. To make things even better, it will fill your beach longings up for a while. The yellow color is a summer must-have, particularly in breezy dresses like this one. For a more fashionable appeal, aim for camel mules and tote and piece them with a stripped crop jacket. The choice of the jacket creates a style contrast which won’t only keep you in your feminine zone but will also put you in the fashionable zone. Besides that it’s also office-friendly. Piece these items together and let the lines do the job, this look will simply turn you into a stylimple gal worth-admiring.


topshop work look 1My forth ensemble is also city and office-friendly. Again, the throw on creates an effortlessly chic statement. In this look, I love the mixture of materials and how the fit-and-loose pieces all harmonize together. As much as all items are plain, as much as the whole look is very appealing and alluring. To sum up, this is a completely push and ritzy kind of look that calls for all day occasions that require style.

topshop work look 6This is another look that changes the whole image of city and work ensembles. In order to make this look upbeat and step out the of mundane lookbook, I chose this printed shirt to involve the air of beach life into the city life. This look is simply fresh and vivacious and will instantly cheer you up and brighten up your mood.


topshop work look 4 The combination of the cropped top, midi skirt, wedges and earrings creates a romantically elegant look with a suburban twist. On the other hand, the parka jacket turns the overall look into a citychic attire that’s wearable for the office and the city.


topshop work look 5If you want to keep things simple and chic go for this minimalist attire. I love how the simple details are the most appealing features of this look; from the collar and cut offs to the sleek leather. All details create this chic and subtle frame. As for the throw on, this coat simply functions as a look perfecter.

topshop work look 10

The ninth and final look in this post is fresh, summery, comfortable and chic. This cropped top and midi skirt are a summer’s staple and they perfectly work together for casual office days and errands. For a more exciting air, I decided to piece the top and skirt with the colorful coat, metallic sandals and lipstick in red alert to make the look more exciting and estival.



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