7 looks for 7 days of pastels

In the last post, I was complaining about the postponement of it. But, if I were to be mad, I should be mad because of the postponement of this post actually. That’s because I had this post ready even before the previous one, but I couldn’t publish it because I had to publish theĀ What To Wear On The World CupĀ first. I’ve been trying to figure out why I became too detached from the blogging world recently and I found no better reason than the fact that I’m back to the basic 8 to 5 work. It smoothly abstracted me from this part of the world. That’s why (and I won’t tell you much about it but I’ll just give you a hint) my next post is dedicated to all of you who are stuck in the city during the summer because of work commitments. SO STAY TUNED!

As for this post, its dedicated to only one palette. The soft and balmy; the pastel palette. Pastel colors were highly trending last spring and there are still many different ways to wear them this summer, that’s why I styled 7 looks to inspire you for a week filled with dashes of pastels.


pastel look 1

This one right here is my all time favorite. I would personally wear it to a cocktail or if I want to make an alluring statement at a fair, exhibition, a special party or even for a bolder impression at a gala. As much as this ensemble is quite simple, it is incredibly engaging.

pastel look 5You can also remain chic with this look. The colors beautifully harmonize together and the accessories make the look more interesting and appealing. You can wear it to casual occasions, coffee or any other morning outing.


pastel look 4

This attire proves that pastels can also accompany you to work. Here, I love how the entire look is formed out of only one shade, yet it looks far from boring. This look is noted for its simplicity, delicacy and chicness. Not only does the color show femininity but also the silk material and jewelery contribute to the effeminacy of the whole ensemble.


pastel look 2This ensemble is so different from the past and coming looks because its inspired by the Western countryside. If you’re paying a visit to the village and you want to keep it simple but remain in your style-zone, go for this look! However, this look is completely city-friendly but I just suggest saving it for no-heels days.


pastel look 7Got another cocktail this weekend? Well, pastels won’t fail you! A simple mint chiffon dress pieced with silver accessories is a guaranteed look. Bonus: match your nail polish with your accessories for a one up.


pastel look 6 This look does not only welcome the pastel color back, but also welcomes the the skinny jeans that has even been disengaged from my blog lately. I haven’t involved much of accessories and jewelery in order to let this Nars Satin Lip Pencil do the job. Also, kept it simple with this Monogram Quilted Saint Laurent Shoulder Bag to leave the liveliness to the feet with these Saint Laurent pumps.


pastel look 3This look just confirms my belief that pastel colors under one shade look perfect together. You know? It also gives me a break from all the multicolored and layered attires. It just feels great to take a break from fashion yet remain in fashion. And that’s because this look allows you to take a break only from certain trends. Yet again, I didn’t want to leave it all plain, so I played with the shoes and chose the Leopard Pony Hair Slip-ons from Forever21. Finally, I suggest finishing off the whole look by giving your lips a swipe of this Satin Lip Pencil from Nars so you’d be ready to hit the road!