Inspirtations for a WEEKEND GETAWAY

Although summer usually represents the season of vacation and fun, many of us don’t get to fully enjoy staying in the sun according to our works and other duties. That’s why a weekend getaway may mean the world to us, in such a way, we opt to make the best out of it, along with our favorite beachwear.

So for all of you weekend getawayers out there, I prepared these two looks to inspire you with either a swank or offbeat time that both guarantee an impassive and relaxed weekend.




If you’ve been having a hectic week and you’re looking forward to a completely laid-back weekend, I recommend going retro, just like the first look right here. The bandeau swimsuit by Odabash is very vintage-like and sexy- although it covers enough skin. As for the coverup, wedges and hat; each of these pieces completes the other and creates such a perfect easygoing and relaxed look. To turn the luxury up a notch, I suggest accessorizing with a beaming piece of jewelry like these Lane earrings I chose. And to finish the look with complete perfection, I considered any flaws that your legs might be having and the fact that you might’ve not had enough time to tan, that’s why I picked This works serum to work wonders on your legs and leave them evenly toned. Finally, if you want to give some nice time to your brain to chill out as well, I suggest you reading The light between oceans by M.L Stedman.


If you weren’t tempted enough by the beauty of the previous beach look, I prepared a completely opposite style for you. A style that is more sporty and offbeat. I was personally tempted by this watermelon strappy back bikini set from Topshop; as much as it doesn’t have any detailing and embroidery as much as I find its color, strappy back and simple design attractive enough. By the time I was trying to match it with a coverup, I didn’t find a better option than this mesh tee, also from Topshop. To keep the whole look equivalent and connected, I recommend wearing these Miista Patti sandals from Nasty Gal and matching them with some cool zebra wayfarers and a swag-ish cap like thisĀ Black OMG metal trim flat one from Newlook. For some unknown reason, I thought that if you’re into this look you’ll probably be using your smart phone and listening to some music instead of reading a book, that’s why I picked this Trip Kit from Nasty Gal, trust me, it’s truly a life saver.

You can also get more inspirations from Your Ultimate Beachwear Guide From Your Favorite Stores- my last post, or from the upcoming beachwear and summer looks.

Summer is on the verge of starting and my summer posts are just heatin up, so stay tuned because it will get sexier and way hotter.