“No Pain No Gain”

So here’s the health post I promised to post earlier. And this shall be my first health post on my blog! Hope it inspires you and puts you on the road of endurance and strength.
“No pain, no gain” a quote that I’ve always heard but never really believed in until today. Not that I’ve never been in pain through my past life but it’s just that I came to realize how I’ve been changing and improving throughout the years due to the experiences I’ve been through.  Especially the tough ones; those were the most effective.  But I guess what opened up my eyes to these transformations is my current health status. Indeed, this quote can perfectly be implemented on health and body!Let’s consider earning a bikini body as an example.  If you try to obtain it, you’ll realize how many pains you’ll have to endure, whether they’re physical or emotional pains. However, I consider these pains temporary,  compared to the permanent gains. For example, the emotional pain of craving a cheesecake at midnight will just remain for a few minutes, until you wake up in the morning and eat a small portion of it, if you still want to eat it at all. (This portion will be enough to satisfy your cravings) by then this pain will be over. Concerning physical pain, this pain is what may last a little longer, however, the more you work out and eat healthy, the more your body will gain more strength that will strongly push you forward.

Once your mind and body adapt to the healthy routine, you will start to visually recognize the gains and you’ll eventually get over the temporary pains and you will appreciate your hard work.

Do you agree with me? Do you also believe in this quote? Would love to know what you think!